Durga yoga

Durga is a Hindu goddess that is known for her strong and protective energy that protects us from evil and misery. She is also a warrior, riding on a lion or a tiger and carrying weapons in her hands. She is however a peaceful warrior, helping us to destroy our own evil forces (negative energy such as arrogance, jealousy, hate, greed, selfishness). She has the love of a mother and the willpower and determination to follow her own path.


She is for me symbolic for what I want to offer through my yoga. Following the approach of the Sattva Yoga Academy the classes will include various techniques that will help to calm down the nervous system, strengthen the clarity of the mind, but also strengthen the willpower while standing in the world with an open heart. Classes will typically include breath techniques (pranayama), kriyas*, physical movements (asanas), mantras and meditation techniques. 


Classes are accessible for all levels. However the intention is to invite participants for regular practices so as to be able to go deeper in the practice for a better experience. 

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* Kriya are specific set of exercises that could include movements combined with breathing techniques and/or mantras. A kriya is meant to enable subtle and direct changes in the body and mind of the practitioner.